An Interview with Kelsi from Myrra Jewelry


Kelsi Yuanyuan Xi is the founder and designer of Myrra Jewelry. Read below on how she started her company in 2013 and opened her second pop-up shop in New York. 

SPACE38: What inspired you to start your own jewelry company?
Kelsi: I always liked wearing jewelry ever since I was little. I loved wearing gemstones and real silver and gold. In 2013 I was working as a photographer and I decided to learn how to make jewelry because it is a more hands on process. 

S38: What is the meaning of your brand name, Myrra?
K: I was looking for a female name to represent the brand name. I looked at mystical names and found Myrra. Myrra is derived from the name Mira, meaning "Wonder" in Latin, "Ocean" in Sanskirt; as well as Miriam, meaning "Light" in Hebrew.

S38: Where do you find influences for your designs/ what influences you?
K: I like feminine delicate styles and european design. Things that are easy to wear and are subtle. I also enjoy a lot of symbolism like the hamsa, horseshoe and evil eye. 


S38: What made you decide to open a pop-up?
K: I like interacting with people and creating a space that is inviting, warm, and cozy. 

S38: Any advice you would give to emerging brands that want to open a pop-up?
K: You have to be relaxed. There are always unexpected events, like deliveries not being on time. There is a lot of work that goes into setting up a pop-up, so planning ahead and being organized is key to making the process go smoother.